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What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files that your computer (or any other device used for navigation) stores when you visit a site. These files contain information that the site draws when consulted a second time.
There are several types of cookies. In addition to those who recognize you and your preferences, there are those fundamental to navigate the site, to ensure internal security, to administer the system update, to perform statistical analysis. There are first-party cookies and other property of others.

Why use cookies? uses cookies to facilitate the navigation of the Site and to make sure that the experience can be the most in line with the preferences and tastes of those who surf.

What this site uses cookies?

Cookie Navigation
Allow the proper functioning of the site, to view content in the language of preference, to automatically recognize which country the user is connecting.

Performance Cookie
They can be first or third party, session or persistent. These cookies monitor your habits (by maintaining the anonymity of the user) and are designed to improve the performance of the site. Cookies of this type are, for example, those related to access statistics (web analytics).

Functional cookies
They are cookies that help you navigate. Record the user's choices (for example the language of the site) and avoid re-offer a service if the user has already expressed a negative opinion .

Cookie Sharing on Social Networks
Today it is common to make a shareable content with our network contacts. This site has a cookie that facilitate content sharing through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, AddThis.. It is possible to consult the respective privacy and cookie policies directly on the websites of social networks declared. Here are some direct links to learn more:

Unexpected cookie
It is important to state our estrangement from cookies that may be present on our site for reasons related to technical components or embedded media and physically recorded elsewhere (images, videos, texts ... ). The moment was detected a cookie of this type, not present among those listed so far, please put us aware of what or contact directly the owners of the site of origin.

- Cookies of session
They serve to facilitate operations such as login , storing data such as username and password depending on subsequent visits

- Cookie technical 'plg_system_eprivacy'
It used to store the user's preference regarding the use of cookies

- Like Button and services of third parties Facebook, Inc.
Click " Like" and Facebook services are required to interact with the social network Facebook and are provided by Facebook, Inc. - Privacy PolicyMore information

- Tweet button and services of third parties Twitter, Inc.
The " Tweet " and related services are needed to interact with the social network Twitter and are provided by Twitter, Inc. - Privacy PolicyMore information

- Google Fonts Google service Inc
Google Fonts is a service that allows you to incorporate and display custom font styles and operated by Google Inc. - Privacy PolicyOpt in

- AddThis
AddThis is a service that allows you to share content on various social platforms. Privacy Policy

Selective activation or deactivation of cookie

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can decide whether to disable some directly in the program settings. You can also block all cookies, to do so just go to the "Options" or "Preferences" menu of your browser. It is noted, however, that if we chose for the complete closure of the cookie, you may experience problems viewing and navigation of most sites.

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