Quality Test

Emmepi is equipped with intermediate tests to check the quality of the tooled product in the different steps of the productive process. Every step produces a documentation to certify the traceability of the product, from the casting of raw material to the intermediate phases of the manufacturing, to the final testing until the finished product.

Emmepi, in order to certify the quality of its own products, has:

  • 3D MESUREMENT MACHINE DEA GLOBAL 7-7-7 (running 700 x 700 x 700 mm) with motorized head RENISHAW PH10 and management software PC-DMIS CAD, 1 machine
  • 3D MESUREMENT MACHINE GLOBAL CLASSIC 09-15-08 HEXAGON METROLOGY with motorized head RENISHAW PH10, (running 900 x 1500 x 800 mm), 1 machine
  • DUROMETER used to measure the metal hardness, 2 durometers
  • OFFERING A WIDE RANGE OF MEASURING INSTRUMENTS: Mitutoyo, Tesa, Borletti, Compa, etc

Emmepi frequently hosts quality audits from National clients that confirm the optimization of the production processes.


Video Fresatura Hexagon 900x1500x800 mm

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