The sharing

Sharing for Emmepi means not only the work of the staff inside the company, but also a close relationship with other companies of the area. Emmepi cooperates with CDO (association focusing on promoting a networking culture among companies, and on the provision of services to facilitate internationalization).

The synergy between Emmepi and the associations is at the base of the participation to special events of the field such as Pescara’s In Opera and Milano’s Matching, with OSA COMMUNITY and participates as an exhibitor in reference fairs such as MECSPE of Bolognafiere.

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Sharing means offering its own know-how to young people and to training too. For this reason different training courses are activated in collaboration with the Scuola e Lavoro school, where the Emmepi workers teach in mechanic-electronic courses and at the same time, students have the opportunity to live a working experience into Emmepi company.

Emmepi trains the school teachers too, to offer them the present contents with the modern technology. Emmepi offers the possibility of training job to the young students of the Technical Industrial School in Termoli.


Emmepi concretely contributes to a further project which is addressed to young people. The project name is "Un paese per giovani" (a nation for young people). It’s a project of the Termoli-Larino Diocese in collaboration with entrepreneurs, self employed people, public administration managers and local associations with the aim of creating a network to sustain talented young people that are looking for a job. In Termoli a desk was founded to select young people that will be helped by the different partners of the project and trained according to their own skills so that they can have the know-how they need to start to work.

Emmepi collaborates with the “ITS Foundation of Modena” and welcomes the students of the foundation for an experience of training job. The ITS Foundation for the new technology for the made in Italy - Material and Mechanic system, was created by the Italian Ministry for Education and it is based in Modena, which is the main centre of the Italian mechanics.

The training on the job for Emmepi is not limited to the national area. Thanks to the entrepreneur Berardino Sgobba, Emmepi participates to a project in Mozambique where in a workroom full of machinery, some young people of the area learn the main skills of the precision mechanics.



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